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What are powder coatings?

Powder coating is a highly durable and decorative finish applied electrostatically to a long list of products found in the industrial and consumer fields. Powder coatings may be formulated in a wide range of colors, glosses and textures. They are extremely durable, provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance, furnish excellent protection against UV rays and are environmentally friendly. Powder coatings are traditionally used on metal products but with improved technology, they can now be applied to wood and other sensitive substrates.

The Protech/Oxyplast Group uniquely offers a full range of both thermoset and thermoplastic powder coatings. These two technologies are primarily differentiated by the way they form the final coating film. Thermoset powder coatings rely on a cross linking mechanism, which is activated in the post heat oven to cure the final film. Thermoplastic powder coatings, on the other hand, are based on fully reacted, high molecular weight polymers, which are re-melted and fused on the coated part into a continuous, protective film. Each technology type offers distinct performance characteristics and your Protech/Oxyplast technical sales representative would be happy to help you determine the optimum product for your coating requirements.


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