Resin Lab

Protech/Oxyplast continues to lead in powder coatings innovation and product development. Our state of the art resin lab allows us to synthesize customized resin formulations tailored to specific customer needs. Our computer modeling capabilities enable us to predetermine specific properties of a resin.

With the increasing demands of customers, rising raw material costs and a competitive environment, the ability to design a custom resin is an innovative solution to keep one step ahead.

A tailor made resin can have an important economic impact since the resin normally accounts for 60 – 95% of a typical powder coatings formulation. 

Benefits and Advantages:

■ Control of raw material costs
■ Customized resins for specific properties
■ More consistent finishes—e.g. gloss, flow
■ Innovation – unique resins not available on the market 
■ Opens new markets with proprietary resins for applications such as MDF or in-mold powder coatings

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