Innotek Glas-Lok® Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Glas-Lok® is Protech’s line of thermoplastic powder coatings developed specifically for the safety coating of glassware and ceramic products. Glas-Lok® powders surround the substrate in a durable plastic coating therefore reducing the risk of glass and ceramics shattering upon impact. When a receptacle or light fixture coated with Glas-Lok® does break, the contents remain locked within the durable plastic coating. This minimizes risk, reduces cleanup times and allows for proper disposal.

Glas-Lok® powders are available in transparent colors. They are the ideal coating solution for many applications including florescent light bulbs, reagent bottles and high-end chandeliers.


■ Prevents the dispersion of glass upon impact
■ No primer or curing required provides major energy savings
■ No plasticizers or phthalates
■ Ideal coating solution for a glass and ceramic products
■ Environmentally friendly

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Protech Glas-Lok®