Innotek Encase™ Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Encase™ is Protech’s line of thermoplastic powder coatings designed specifically for the finishing of wire goods and other corrosion prone products. Encase™ provides outstanding impact resistance, excellent flexibility, and powerful chemical resistance. When properly applied, Encase™ thermoplastic powder coatings meet the standards of the U.S. code of federal regulations 21CFR175.300, resinous and polymeric coatings, as well as FDA standards for direct food contact. Encase™ is the ideal coating solution for refrigerator and dishwasher racks as well as a wide range of household products.

Encase™, like all Protech products, is environmentally friendly and emits no harmful VOC’s.


■ Outstanding impact and chemical resistance
■ Excellent flexibility
■ Meets FDA standards for direct food contact
■ No primer or curing required provides major energy savings
■ Available in a wide range of colors and textures
■ Ideal coating solution for a wide range of applications
■ Environmentally friendly

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Protech Encase