Thermoclad Duravin Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Duravin SDG-1M-1 is Protech’s line of general purpose, fluidized bed grade PVC thermoplastic powder coatings. These powders are formulated to meet the performance requirements of all wire goods manufacturers while delivering the maximum economic benefits. To minimize the impact on exhaust handling systems, Duravin powders are available in low-smoke plasticizer technology.

Technical Data Information

Product Code ASTM Method SDG-1M-1
Specific Gravity of fused film D-792 1.22 ± 0.02
Bulk Density of powder, lb/per ft3
At rest


Hardness, Shore A’ D-2240 85 ± 2
Coverage, lb/per ft2 @ 10 mils --- 0.07 ± 0.005
Tensile Strength, psi. D-651 2600 ± 100
Elongation, % D-638 250 ± 10
Maximum Useful Operating Temperature °F,


Melting Range, °F --- 390 - 410°F
Dielectric Strength, v/mil --- 1000
Volatility, % Loss
5 minutes @ 425°F


< 0.50

The salt spray resistance of all properly applied and primed Duravin thermoplastic powder coatings is excellent. A zinc or iron phosphate substrate, primed with the recommended Duravin primer and coated with the above product, will provide a durable finish showing no effect in 5,000 hours of salt spray exposure and less than 1/8" undercutting will be observed on a scored panel exposed for 2,000 hours.

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