Thermoclad Durabond Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Durabond is Protech’s line of high performance, primerless thermoplastic powder coatings which offer superior and outstanding hardness properties. These powders demonstrate excellent melt and flow characteristics which produce a smooth, low gloss appearance without requiring additional additives. Durabond powders are formulated using thermoplastic technology which makes them an excellent alternative to difficult to source nylon based and more expensive technologies. Durabond is available in a wide range of colors and, like all Protech products, is environmentally friendly.

Preliminary Technical Data Information

Product Code ASTM Method Durabond
Bulk Density of powder, g/cm3 D-792 0.903
Hardness, Shore D D-2240 64
Coverage, lb/per ft2 @ 10 mils ---  0.04
Tensile Strength, psi. D-651 3230 ± 100
Elongation, % D-638 16.1 ± 3
Maximum Useful Operating Temperature °F,


Melting Point, °F D-3418 324°F
Melt Range, °F --- 320 - 350°F
Dielectric Strength, v/mil D-149-97a 598
Impact Resistance D-2794-04 40 in-lbs
Gloss 60° D-523 20 - 45


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