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September / October 2012

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Protech's newest acquisition

On September 17, 2012, the Protech/Oxyplast Group proudly announced that they had reached an agreement to purchase the powder coating manufacturing business of Innotek Powder Coatings of Big Spring, Texas. Innotek is a well-recognized name within the powder coatings industry. David Ades, Managing Director of Protech said: “Innotek’s leading thermoplastic technology is a great addition to our global business. It is complementary to our extensive thermoset powder coatings product range.” Protech fully expects to benefit from the excellent business relationships and the unique thermoplastic technology that Innotek has developed over the years. Protech will integrate the Innotek manufacturing operations into its own organization.


Innotek’s specialty is the manufacturing of high performance thermoplastic coating lines such as:



Polyarmor® - a multi-purpose thermoplastic powder coating employed for its ultra-high adhesion properties, excellent impact and corrosion resistance as well as its protection from ultra-violet rays. Polyarmor® is used on a wide range of products, from outdoor furniture to football helmet facemasks.


Glas-Lok® - powder coatings formulated especially for the safety coating of glassware and ceramics.


Encase® - a cost effective Low Density Polyethylene powder coating that provides excellent protection for shower caddies, baskets, shelves and other wire goods.  


This acquisition will provide Protech and its global partners an enormous opportunity to expand their product lines and reach even more customers. For more information on thermoplastic click here.


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